Monday, June 04, 2007

I suppose I should explain myself

First, thanks to those of you that have noticed I was glum.
I understand this house magic isn't going to happen overnight, it's just that I've been keen to a least start a little bit, and wasn't able to. I've always been impatient.
I "internet know" a few people whose gorgeous homes were featured in magazines or television (in much the same way as my wedding was, they were approached after seeing pictures the homeowner themselves had, and not staged for the shoot).

I'm not going to dwell on the subject here, because I don't really want to bring it up later. Just know that I am a bit frustrated and impatient. The frustration stems from being held back. I want freedom to play, and rearrange at whim, starting with what I have and adding as I go..... but we aren't there yet.

In somewhat related news we agreed on a bedroom fixture, A classic Bauhaus style hanging 10" globe, much like the one below. Did you know that this was originally designed by Marianne Brandt? Haha, I spent half a semester studying her work in college... I guess it's a small tribute to Ange and Patti.

Also, I spent last night clearing out the dining room of boxes, I set some fresh cut flowers on the dining room table and despite there being two black plastic chairs it looks okay. That's one room completely unpacked. It's dying for proper chairs, hopefully that will happen soon.

Lastly I have been thinking about ending the blog. If that happens soon, you've been warned.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

blog envy.

Here are some more pretty house pictures, so you can all be just as jealous as I am.
And for the record I hoped the wouldn't all left align, but i am not going to change that now. Sorry.