Tuesday, February 27, 2007


since to bling should be a verb.

as promised, here is the crafty crutch revamp! Enjoy!

I owe you pictures and posts

but I'm exhausted, and my foot is throbbing. My camera parts are scattered around, and I can't be bothered to try hobbeling around to find them all.

The crutches are half blung. I need to do the other sides.

I am heading to part 2 of my focus on energy workshop tonight... and opting out of the spur of the moment tour of Guelph Hydro.

I have lots of homework to do.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

4am, and awake in the dark.

So, my heel is burning inside my cast. Not sure what to do about it at this hour. Since my temporary cast is a fiberglass gutter and tensor bandage system I've unwrapped it twice to let some air in..... but it's not really helping, and well, I'm worried I'm going to screw this broken ankle up even more.
I have already dug out my family health practitioner network's number, I'm going to call those bastards tomorrow for advice. (And to book my next x-rays and "permanent" cast). The fiberglass cast/splint is designed to fit through the initial swelling, so adjustability is key.

I guess I'll head back to bed now, since google isn't telling me what's going on. I seem to be finding only links to cast fetishes. How utterly bizarre.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's true. I am in a cast.

Not in a theatrical sense either. This morning, while walking my lovely little dog I slipped on a huge pacth of ice and broke my ankle. (Thank you old man winter). I flagged down a car, whose driver helped me up and drove me to my door. My landlady called Dave, who rushed home from work to sit in the ER waiting room for 5+ hours (even though he has an audit tomorrow). I was very happy to remind Dave to grab my stash of Tylenol 3s to take before we got to the hospital, but not so lucky to have remembered to eat anything.
So yes. I have once again proved my clutziness.

Next week I'll be getting a new cast, and as per Ro and my conversation I will be forging everyone's notes on it myself, since I know like 4 people in Guelph. That or I'll get a coloured one. Decisions, decisions.

PS. Lauren's note has already been composed. It mentions GTs.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!

an appropriate naughty card shamelessly stolen from This blog. Enjoy!

Monday, February 12, 2007


Recipe Swap!!

I recently received a great recipe themed swap package from a friend on craftster!
She found a cute polk dot box, to which she added a giant clip for holding up the recipe cards. So clever!
Inside are various sections of recipes, with several cards for each. She also sent along a sweet oven mitt and hot pad set, a button. cupcake liners and some "found" recipes!
I don't pretend to be a great studio photographer. It's dark inside in the winter.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Guelph has just gotten a lot more appeal.

They are building my favourite restaurant here!!!!
I'm not sure where, or when.... but I was on the company page and it's "opening soon"!!!!!!!!!

I first went to Ben Than on a date with an old flame. He "picked" my meal for me and I was supremely impressed. He moved away to uni shortly thereafter and we lost touch, but I was able to bring Dave there and it quickly became our classic Friday night dinner.
601, 602, 644 and two 38.
Dave's mom even graciously hosted our "rehearsal dinner" there, where my small cousin Carley tried tofu for the first time. (She liked it).

Monday, February 05, 2007

goodbye old couch!

Saturday Dave is heading to London to pick up our new couch (which feels long overdue!). This gem was my grandma's. I inherited it much to the dismay of a certain family member (who owns 4 other couches previously loved by my grandma). We've found a young bachelor with an empty first apartment who'll love it fondly. I hope he finds a way to make it comfortable, those back pillows suck balls.

uuuggghhhh [alternate title: brrrrrrrrrrrrr]

I HATE my landlord.
And hate is a very strong word. We had to sleep on our pull-out couch last night in our 17.5 degree living room, why???? Because my bedroom was only 13 degrees. THIRTEEN DEGREES CELCIUS. How lovely. This morning it had continued the drop to a lovely 12.5. Raoul (pictured below in his early 30s-yes that is hanging in our foyer) is an hour overdue to check things out. And he blew us off yesterday. And he's mad that we are going to take him to court for our rent back.