Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's true. I am in a cast.

Not in a theatrical sense either. This morning, while walking my lovely little dog I slipped on a huge pacth of ice and broke my ankle. (Thank you old man winter). I flagged down a car, whose driver helped me up and drove me to my door. My landlady called Dave, who rushed home from work to sit in the ER waiting room for 5+ hours (even though he has an audit tomorrow). I was very happy to remind Dave to grab my stash of Tylenol 3s to take before we got to the hospital, but not so lucky to have remembered to eat anything.
So yes. I have once again proved my clutziness.

Next week I'll be getting a new cast, and as per Ro and my conversation I will be forging everyone's notes on it myself, since I know like 4 people in Guelph. That or I'll get a coloured one. Decisions, decisions.

PS. Lauren's note has already been composed. It mentions GTs.

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