Thursday, February 22, 2007

4am, and awake in the dark.

So, my heel is burning inside my cast. Not sure what to do about it at this hour. Since my temporary cast is a fiberglass gutter and tensor bandage system I've unwrapped it twice to let some air in..... but it's not really helping, and well, I'm worried I'm going to screw this broken ankle up even more.
I have already dug out my family health practitioner network's number, I'm going to call those bastards tomorrow for advice. (And to book my next x-rays and "permanent" cast). The fiberglass cast/splint is designed to fit through the initial swelling, so adjustability is key.

I guess I'll head back to bed now, since google isn't telling me what's going on. I seem to be finding only links to cast fetishes. How utterly bizarre.


Anonymous said...

poor thing! how are you today?
-Kristina roxy04

ro said...

cast fetishes?
now that would make for some weird porn.