Wednesday, August 30, 2006

peeling potatoes is so fun, come join Dolly everyone!

guess what Dave just bougth me????

let me just say it's the cutest peeler I've ever seen, and that it must be fate I forgot to register for one! It's part of the funny mummy line, by tescoma. I found it at Zellers for 3.99$!
I love good design, especially when it's affordable...

This is so cute, it was in the tescoma online catalogue:

Peeling potatoes is so fun,
come join Dolly everyone!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

when great teeth move a little

All of these fine pearly shots were taken yesterday at my orthodontal appointment. Last month my lower bicuspids moved behind the front teeth. I went to the dentist who told me that it was my front teeth that had moved forward, and the pressure on the jaw pushed the bicuspids in. (whatever, it sucks). So I went to the orthodontist...

I don't know what to do.... my inclining is to live with my teeth. (They aren't bad at all).
The Dr. seems to think I need to correct my upper bite, to make room to straighten my lower teeth, but I can't help but wonder why?
My lower teeth have only shifted recently (four weeks to be precise) I never had crooked teeth before this, and the shift was very slight.
(I just happen to notice because they are MY teeth, and Dave, well because if anyone is going to look at my teeth nearly as much as I do it's him).

Here is why I think I'll not get them:
1. COST, so with the quote for upper and lower it's 5390$, Dave's coverage is only 1000$, and I am not working.
2. superficial reasons, I'm looking for a professional job, and as a recent graduate don't want to look amatuer, and, I think that braces are going to make me look younger. The position I am aiming for is very social, so I don't want to look like a 14yr old brace-face.
2.2 I don't want to have a metal mouth, and the ceramic brackets are much bigger, and I don't want my lips to protrude.
3. I feel a little swindled by the whole thing. If anyone is interested, I'll scan & upload the pictures they took..... but like I said, the problem isn't that bad.... I just can't help not believing that I need upper braces too. In the hour I was there they had 7 other clients in and out, there is ONE Dr. at that clinic.

Here is why I "should" get them:
1. my teeth are only going to move more.
2. if I wait to get braces later, they may need to remove teeth, if they install sooner, rather than later, no teeth need to be taken out.

Oh DRAMA. I hate it. anyhow, we are leaning towards waiting a while, and we will definatley get at least two more quotes on the work. (Dave's rule for large purchases, always get three quotes)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

two in one day?


just because I'm feeling nostalgic and wanted to look at my tattoo, and well, to do that I need to look in pictures or a mirror, and pictures seemed much easier, so I thought I'd share.

Why Dolly? because my cute grandma used to call me that. I was her little doll, for most of my life (other times I was Moan-a, but that's just not as sweet is it?) Cute grandma died in january 2004, and I miss her.... mostly I miss the old grandma, but sometimes I even miss the crazy grandma she became late in her life....

"who's that coming down here?" (driving down our busy little street?)
"where are they going?" (driving down our busy little street?)
"I wonder what Doreen Johnston is up to?" (her friend, who lived a block away, who's house can be seen perfectly from our front window, but was never visited by my gran)
"what's that up there with the red sign, is that new?" (a daily reference to the shopper's drugmart built in the old Canadian tire, just visible through the kitchen windows.... there for nearly 10 years)
"where do you want me to sit?" (nightly, as she hovers around the table, behind a spot laid out with pill bottles with her name on them)

She flexed her last means of independence against my mom.... she wouldn't eat, she'd take a long time to come to the table, she'd "forget" stuff....
and with me, it was more fun, somedays I'd make her nacho's (she'd eat more than dave, keith, matt and I combined), dave, mel and I made her sushi..... and got her to eat wasabi... she loved when we cooked for her, when we doted on her and treated her like our gran, and not a burden in our home.

She'd lose stuff, I'd find stuff, it was a daily game. I don't think I ever made it to Geography class on time thanks to her, (it's okay, I passed anyhow.... and I wrote my exam drunk). I had to bring her to the salon when I got waxed once, and she was forced to sit in the lobby for nearly an hour, all because she had HUNDREDS of dollars in US cash lying around her room, that I decided needed to be deposited at the bank, before someone more skeevy came across it. She pretended Dave was her boyfriend, and knew how to make him smile. She stomped around in her sneakers hours before her ride came to bring her to bingo or "the club" while I tried to sleep downstairs. She forgot how to play Skip-Bo, her fave card game.

She lived at our house, and made living both fun and hard, and we got very little repos from our family. But we loved her, and still ask each other at dinner where should we sit, who are they coming down here, and what is that red sign, is that new?


(weight 170lbs)
Yesterday a.m. I got a craving for apple pie.... so, a sane person may get themselves some pie, I on the other hand, get myself some apples. I do a little cookbook research and set about my ways to bake my first apple pie.
I learned 1st, that I suck at rolling out pie crusts, and pushed the bottom crust together by hand, and then 2nd, that in fact my instincts are more reliable than a cookbook, and the dough was too dry, so I added about 1.5 tsp of water to the top crust and it rolled perfectly, so in fact, I am good at rolling pie crust.

An hour later as I pull le tarte from our half-size oven I burn a cute little 400 degree mark into my arm, nice. The pie was great, and serves up well as breakfast the morning after.

(I don't wonder why I weigh so much).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Near Death and a Job Prospect

First, a picture of Cynthia, because I didn't get one of Dave and I in the car last night (not for lack of trying) and because it is the last picture my digital camera took before it broke for good.......

And the car I rode in sans seat belt last night

So, yesterday we went to London to pick up the TR6. Here's the deal with that car; I don't like it, it's missing a passenger seat belt (not that a selt belt does much in a 25 year old convertible), the tires are bald, cracked and the valves are broken, so you can't actually add air, it just comes out, and the seats suck, I had an awful back/neck ache all night and morning from our two hour ride.

We are hoping to sell it soon, and turn the funds into part of a GTI. It makes Dave crazy, and thus not a pleasant companion, note, when your husband likes German cars, he probably ONLY likes german cars, which discludes all leaky English sportscars he may inherit along the way.

In other news.......This morning I wake up to a happy email from Ms. VP of dream job, agreeing to a meeting in a few short weeks. I'm elated. I don't want to count my chicks before they've hatched, but............. yay.

I'm also planning a party, au chocolat, at my humble abode in late September. More to come!!

Monday, August 14, 2006


This is why I'm smitten.

Mad Hatter

So, In a mad fit last night I became a corporate spy. It's becoming clear that I need to be much more agressive in the job search, and focus my attetnion on the job I really want.... the one that isn't open.
I began to google every name attached to an email on my dream employer's website... sure enough there were THREE articles on the recent take over of said company, and well, I emailed the acting VP.

I couldn't sleep last night, not only was I revamping the compnay logo and created numerous marketing schemes, I also had half dreams of business meeting with Dr. Dre and 50 cent, and all the orchids I was going to decorate my desk with.... the desk by the wall, so I can have a mood-board covered in inspiration pictures.

Clearly, being a white girl who can make a mean fedora while rhyming to her fave Hip Hop has me pegged as Guelph's number one woman for this job.

Did I mention I make hats?

Friday, August 11, 2006

Done and er, did....

So, in a semi-permanent effort to remain baby-less for a few years I've decided to get an IUD. Mr. Dave is reminded of his sex-ed lessons, which he tells me he paid most attention to in High School, and is asking me all kinds of questions.... is it safe (yes), is it covered (no), is it cheap (yes), will it decrease sex drive (no).
And so we've decided it's a good idea and we'll give it a whirl.
Then he asks when the installation is.......... hun, I'm not having a stereo put in, you're going to need to refer to this as an insertion, not an installation.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

so, a married girl....

Well, I've been happily married for 75 days according to my widget calendar.

That means, I've also been an offical Guelph Resident for 56 days,
unemployed for 104 days,
25 years old for 45 days,
and happy for the better part of 9176 days.

Welcome to my first blog.

So what do I have to ramble, vent & brag about? (That's what these blogs are for, right?)....beyond the above, well crafting, my quest to dress like someone with "real" style, my obsession with Apricot coloured miniature poodles, my love of cupcakes (and all things sugar) and my weight struggles.