Tuesday, August 29, 2006

when great teeth move a little

All of these fine pearly shots were taken yesterday at my orthodontal appointment. Last month my lower bicuspids moved behind the front teeth. I went to the dentist who told me that it was my front teeth that had moved forward, and the pressure on the jaw pushed the bicuspids in. (whatever, it sucks). So I went to the orthodontist...

I don't know what to do.... my inclining is to live with my teeth. (They aren't bad at all).
The Dr. seems to think I need to correct my upper bite, to make room to straighten my lower teeth, but I can't help but wonder why?
My lower teeth have only shifted recently (four weeks to be precise) I never had crooked teeth before this, and the shift was very slight.
(I just happen to notice because they are MY teeth, and Dave, well because if anyone is going to look at my teeth nearly as much as I do it's him).

Here is why I think I'll not get them:
1. COST, so with the quote for upper and lower it's 5390$, Dave's coverage is only 1000$, and I am not working.
2. superficial reasons, I'm looking for a professional job, and as a recent graduate don't want to look amatuer, and, I think that braces are going to make me look younger. The position I am aiming for is very social, so I don't want to look like a 14yr old brace-face.
2.2 I don't want to have a metal mouth, and the ceramic brackets are much bigger, and I don't want my lips to protrude.
3. I feel a little swindled by the whole thing. If anyone is interested, I'll scan & upload the pictures they took..... but like I said, the problem isn't that bad.... I just can't help not believing that I need upper braces too. In the hour I was there they had 7 other clients in and out, there is ONE Dr. at that clinic.

Here is why I "should" get them:
1. my teeth are only going to move more.
2. if I wait to get braces later, they may need to remove teeth, if they install sooner, rather than later, no teeth need to be taken out.

Oh DRAMA. I hate it. anyhow, we are leaning towards waiting a while, and we will definatley get at least two more quotes on the work. (Dave's rule for large purchases, always get three quotes)

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ro said...

cara, every time i go to the dentist they tell me i need braces on my lower teeth.
every time.
it's a money0grab, i'm sure of it. you can't see your lower teeth anyway, and if it doesn't hurt, it isn't a problem.
i will make fun of you if you get braces, and you will look like a little kid.
i wouldn't buy hats from someone with braces.
love ro, who hasn't made real friends with your friends yet.