Monday, August 14, 2006

Mad Hatter

So, In a mad fit last night I became a corporate spy. It's becoming clear that I need to be much more agressive in the job search, and focus my attetnion on the job I really want.... the one that isn't open.
I began to google every name attached to an email on my dream employer's website... sure enough there were THREE articles on the recent take over of said company, and well, I emailed the acting VP.

I couldn't sleep last night, not only was I revamping the compnay logo and created numerous marketing schemes, I also had half dreams of business meeting with Dr. Dre and 50 cent, and all the orchids I was going to decorate my desk with.... the desk by the wall, so I can have a mood-board covered in inspiration pictures.

Clearly, being a white girl who can make a mean fedora while rhyming to her fave Hip Hop has me pegged as Guelph's number one woman for this job.

Did I mention I make hats?

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