Friday, October 27, 2006

romance, at my house.

What warms my husband's heart the most?
Cozying up together and watching the classic skate videos. Our honeymoon did consist of a self guided tour of the most famous San Fran skate spots, and a trip to legendary FTC skateboards on Haight.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

4 days until the Halloween Party

so, a friend of ours is having a Halloween Party this weekend. I've been asking Dave what he wants to be for WEEKS, but he hasn't come to a decision, until last night (and pending fabric availability). Clearly, all the good suggestions were mine, and well, if we find the right fabric we'll be a matched pair of Baseball Furies from the movie The Warriors. (Which threw a wrench in the works of me finishing my costume, because I've always wanted to be a baseball furie. Much more than a Harajuku girl)

back-up costume lists

  • Dracula (boring, his idea)
  • Dr. Emmett Brown
  • Birdman of Alcatraz
  • Skeleton like the gang in the Karate Kid (his only cool idea, but clearly 3 days in NOT enough time to map out a skeletal system-front and back-and do my own costume.... plus he realized that wearing spandex is not his style)

  • Harajuku girl
  • Sailor Pin-Up
  • Flapper
  • Dorothy, 'Lil Bo Peep or 'Lil Red Riding Hood.

    Couple Costume
  • Popeye & Olive Oyl

    UPDATE!! well, we are going to be none of the above. Dave chose something else and really wanted "matching" costumes, stay tuned while I work away in the sweatshop known as my apartment....
  • Sunday, October 22, 2006

    The Royal Ascot

    one day I'll make it to the real deal, as for now, I'm happy going to Ascot theme events!

    I've just come home from a Champagne Brunch fundraiser for Hope's Garden an eating disorder support centre in London. London's incidence of eating disorders among women aged 14-20 is 10x that of the national average.

    In true fashion my mother in law and I wore fantastic hats, that I made.... which reminds me how much I love hatting, and well, I think I'm just going to say screw it to the job thing, and make a business for myself. (I will do some work to pay the bills, but F the Guelph Job industry...... in the words of Bianca Stratford-10 things I hate about you-"You Su-uck!"

    Debbie is wearing a very large, and quite loud hat, in true Ascot style. We couldn't believe how many people didn't wear a hat.... and most of the ones that did were wearing boring ones,like straw cowboy hats, or cloth caps.... I guess it proves the lack of hats in modern wardrobes.

    okay, here is an after thought photo of me from later that night.... it wasn't really a "hat" more like a headpiece, and the photo really doesn't make it look that great.... in real life it's quite fun and not as flat looking.

    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    dear hiring managers,


    I am tired of empty job promises.
    I am a pleasant, loyal, hard worker. I take pride in my jobs, and always exceede expectations.
    I am exhausted with "good leads" that go nowhere, and being overlooked.

    Thanks for nothing.

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Goodbye Jetta!

    Alas, It's time for us to retire the 1990 Jetta Coupe. Tomorrow is new car day and we should be getting the GTI when Dave is done work. I hope it's not delayed because there are BIG PLANS for Saturday that involve a drive into the USA bright and early with my parents.

    Oh I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep until Sunday night!!!

    Tuesday, October 10, 2006


    NEWS surprise number 1.

    Watch this space for BIG NEWS

    official announcements to come regarding two huge new developments in my life. 1. is not a house, and 2. is not a baby..... (or vice versa).

    But let's just say that the powers that be are shining down on Dave and I, and we've each just about gotten something we were both dying for.

    PS. the news will come in two rounds.

    Wednesday, October 04, 2006

    RIP Man Cup

    Sunday afternoon Dave's Man Cup broke while we were in New Market looking at a car. Man Cup is Dave's favorite cup. My sister bought us the pair (Man Cup and his wife Lady Cup) sometime around when we got engaged. (Probably just prior, though I can't remember why).
    I had packed these cups lovingly away until Dave and I moved back in together. In May just before the wedding, and just after I'd finished school we got our new love nest. Along with the horads of wedding gifts and hoards of house things I'd amassed over the years, Man Cup and Lady Cup made their debut in our home.
    Somehow this pair became a fixture of our everyday lives, at dinner we would instinctivley choose these glasses for our refreshments (lemonade or water for me, and Minute Maid Grape Punch-aka "cat pee juice" thanks Dad-and Gerolsteiner for Dave). I've once or twice caught Dave drinking from my Lady Cup in the mornings, and he's often accused me of using Man Cup, but as an unspoken rule we each had our cup.
    So, Sunday just before heading to see a 20th Anniversary Golf GTI we had a cup of juice each and left. When we got home Dave went for a drink and found Man Cup with a crack down his side. I was instantly accused of the damage (because how on earth does a cup break while home alone?), but I really hadn't touched it. I was finally let off the hook as I had no real motive for breaking Man Cup, though I suspect Dave still thinks I had some ounce of involvement.
    The cup has been sitting on our counter since. We haven't built up enough heart to let it go. Lady Cup sits alone in the cupboard, mourning the loss of her partner. I really can't bear to use her alone. I guess tomorrow we'll have to pull ourselves together long enough to pack him securely in a small cardboard box marked "SHARP OBJECTS" for safe pick-up curbside Friday morning.

    aside, I'd like to thank amies for inspiring these final thoughts on Man Cup.

    Tuesday, October 03, 2006


    I wish I lived in the UK so I could help a man out.

    from the email I received this fine afternoon:
    "it seems a long time ago we set this site up. Possibly it seems a long time since you signed up.

    Months have passed, much has happened, but now, it is time for something wondrous to occur. Time that this miraculous event should come to pass.

    Time for us to go out unto the world and buy the Hoff.

    Go out and buy 'Jump In My Car', a delightful ode to highway harassment, a gleeful celebration of the joys of luring unsuspecting women into your talking lovewagon. Truly, a stranger danger masterpiece (told from the stranger's point of view).

    The last time the Hoff motivated people like this, the Berlin Wall came down. Who knows what may happen this time? World peace? Perhaps. An end to global suffering? Possibly. The presence of something other than X Factor induced tedium at number 1? We can but hope.

    Buy Jump In My Car From 7 Digital
    Buy Jump In My Car From iTunes

    Thanks for signing up and let's hope we can get the Hoff to number 1. This campaign was a bit of an experiment to see if people power over the internet could make something daft like this happen, and hopefully it will.

    Thanks as well to all the media peeps who've supported us (including The Sun, Evening Standard, Reggie Yates, Scott Mills, the Ugly Phil show and Dave Fanning) - just to clarify though, this was a purely amateur effort fuelled by people power."

    Get The Hoff to Number 1

    from the site:
    "Think what he's given to the world. Knight Rider. Baywatch. The reunification of East and West Germany. Untold laughter from forwarded e-mails of him in hotpants.

    He's given a lot. It's time we gave something back.

    The Hoff's having a hard time. He's split from his wife. He needs a lift.

    Let's help him out with something that would mean the world to him. Something that would repay all the goodness he's given us over the years. A glittering prize that thus far eludes him.
    A top spot in the UK music charts.

    Let's get Hoff to Number One."

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    rap sundaes

    soooooo, as the first ever installment of rap sundaes I am putting three video links together. Give them a chance, I promise they are good! smooches, c-dawg.