Wednesday, October 04, 2006

RIP Man Cup

Sunday afternoon Dave's Man Cup broke while we were in New Market looking at a car. Man Cup is Dave's favorite cup. My sister bought us the pair (Man Cup and his wife Lady Cup) sometime around when we got engaged. (Probably just prior, though I can't remember why).
I had packed these cups lovingly away until Dave and I moved back in together. In May just before the wedding, and just after I'd finished school we got our new love nest. Along with the horads of wedding gifts and hoards of house things I'd amassed over the years, Man Cup and Lady Cup made their debut in our home.
Somehow this pair became a fixture of our everyday lives, at dinner we would instinctivley choose these glasses for our refreshments (lemonade or water for me, and Minute Maid Grape Punch-aka "cat pee juice" thanks Dad-and Gerolsteiner for Dave). I've once or twice caught Dave drinking from my Lady Cup in the mornings, and he's often accused me of using Man Cup, but as an unspoken rule we each had our cup.
So, Sunday just before heading to see a 20th Anniversary Golf GTI we had a cup of juice each and left. When we got home Dave went for a drink and found Man Cup with a crack down his side. I was instantly accused of the damage (because how on earth does a cup break while home alone?), but I really hadn't touched it. I was finally let off the hook as I had no real motive for breaking Man Cup, though I suspect Dave still thinks I had some ounce of involvement.
The cup has been sitting on our counter since. We haven't built up enough heart to let it go. Lady Cup sits alone in the cupboard, mourning the loss of her partner. I really can't bear to use her alone. I guess tomorrow we'll have to pull ourselves together long enough to pack him securely in a small cardboard box marked "SHARP OBJECTS" for safe pick-up curbside Friday morning.

aside, I'd like to thank amies for inspiring these final thoughts on Man Cup.

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Amy said...

lol... thanks for the mention.. that is a sad story, more symbolistic than a front rug.. I think I too, will miss the man cup after that heartfelt memory.