Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I wish I lived in the UK so I could help a man out.

from the email I received this fine afternoon:
"it seems a long time ago we set this site up. Possibly it seems a long time since you signed up.

Months have passed, much has happened, but now, it is time for something wondrous to occur. Time that this miraculous event should come to pass.

Time for us to go out unto the world and buy the Hoff.

Go out and buy 'Jump In My Car', a delightful ode to highway harassment, a gleeful celebration of the joys of luring unsuspecting women into your talking lovewagon. Truly, a stranger danger masterpiece (told from the stranger's point of view).

The last time the Hoff motivated people like this, the Berlin Wall came down. Who knows what may happen this time? World peace? Perhaps. An end to global suffering? Possibly. The presence of something other than X Factor induced tedium at number 1? We can but hope.

Buy Jump In My Car From 7 Digital
Buy Jump In My Car From iTunes

Thanks for signing up and let's hope we can get the Hoff to number 1. This campaign was a bit of an experiment to see if people power over the internet could make something daft like this happen, and hopefully it will.

Thanks as well to all the media peeps who've supported us (including The Sun, Evening Standard, Reggie Yates, Scott Mills, the Ugly Phil show and Dave Fanning) - just to clarify though, this was a purely amateur effort fuelled by people power."

Get The Hoff to Number 1

from the site:
"Think what he's given to the world. Knight Rider. Baywatch. The reunification of East and West Germany. Untold laughter from forwarded e-mails of him in hotpants.

He's given a lot. It's time we gave something back.

The Hoff's having a hard time. He's split from his wife. He needs a lift.

Let's help him out with something that would mean the world to him. Something that would repay all the goodness he's given us over the years. A glittering prize that thus far eludes him.
A top spot in the UK music charts.

Let's get Hoff to Number One."

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