Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Royal Ascot

one day I'll make it to the real deal, as for now, I'm happy going to Ascot theme events!

I've just come home from a Champagne Brunch fundraiser for Hope's Garden an eating disorder support centre in London. London's incidence of eating disorders among women aged 14-20 is 10x that of the national average.

In true fashion my mother in law and I wore fantastic hats, that I made.... which reminds me how much I love hatting, and well, I think I'm just going to say screw it to the job thing, and make a business for myself. (I will do some work to pay the bills, but F the Guelph Job industry...... in the words of Bianca Stratford-10 things I hate about you-"You Su-uck!"

Debbie is wearing a very large, and quite loud hat, in true Ascot style. We couldn't believe how many people didn't wear a hat.... and most of the ones that did were wearing boring ones,like straw cowboy hats, or cloth caps.... I guess it proves the lack of hats in modern wardrobes.

okay, here is an after thought photo of me from later that night.... it wasn't really a "hat" more like a headpiece, and the photo really doesn't make it look that great.... in real life it's quite fun and not as flat looking.


suz said...

Do it! That's what I'm trying to find the time to do, and if I can make unexpected money out of something I like to do....then that's great!

suz said...

Oh! I think you've got a winner of a niche! I LOVE headpieces, and I'd wear them if I had a nice head or went to nice pretty events...