Monday, February 05, 2007

uuuggghhhh [alternate title: brrrrrrrrrrrrr]

I HATE my landlord.
And hate is a very strong word. We had to sleep on our pull-out couch last night in our 17.5 degree living room, why???? Because my bedroom was only 13 degrees. THIRTEEN DEGREES CELCIUS. How lovely. This morning it had continued the drop to a lovely 12.5. Raoul (pictured below in his early 30s-yes that is hanging in our foyer) is an hour overdue to check things out. And he blew us off yesterday. And he's mad that we are going to take him to court for our rent back.

1 comment:

Kate & Sean said...

I cannot believe there is a picture of him in the hall!!!

I would deface it ;)