Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pump Up, Air Out

I never had Reebok Pumps. My neighbour, Ricki was the first person I knew who had Pumps. His were black. The shoe was introduced in 1989, and being one of the most expensive basketball shoes on the market, becoming an instant status symbol, and well, if you remember the 1990's, you probably remember stories of people being jumped, even killed for a pair.

Today I visited Ambulatory Care at the hospital where I was outfitted with an AIRCAST. The sides of the heel are outfitted with air pockets, and you are given a pump to inflate and deflate the air cells to adjust fit and support. I will be able to take this on and off, but it's recommended I keep it on full time for at leats the next two weeks. I am definitely lookg forward to snagging a bath without the aircast soon. Also, I will be able to walk on this! (not yet, but in the near future).

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