Tuesday, March 27, 2007


The weather is so lovely right now I've got all my windows open and am wearing a skirt (which sits nicely above my cast). Last night Dave bought me 2 dozen gorgeous orange and yellow tulips which are cheering up our apartment. Apart from having difficulties finding a great place to live, I am quite happy these days! Something about all the sun, the emerging green, the little chirping birds at my window and my new found freedom from crutches!
I taught my hardcover bookbinding class last Saturday which went extremely well, and spent the rest of the weekend in London relaxing. My mom and I even squeezed in a visit with baby Kayla, Julia, Jason and Mary. Tomorrow Alison visits, this weekend we'll be in London, next Wednesday my cast comes OFF and the next day we are driving up to Montreal to visit Keith!!!

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ro said...

oh wow - they look lovely.

you should go to the OOAK show Cara - get your inspiration to make lots of cash, and then get yer bum home and make stuff. You can submit late applications - they don't have a problem with that.