Thursday, September 14, 2006

and the reviews!!

So, as I am feverishly sitting at my computer, it's come to my attention in various forms that I have yet to post film reviews, so alas, here we go:

Film #1, The Pleasure of Yourt Company.
meh, it was okay. cute, but a little tired at points, and a little forced. This romantic comedy stars Jason Biggs ans Isla Fisher... basically he spontaneously proposes to her (a complete stranger) and they begin a whirlwind relationship to escape both of their dreary lives and bizarre families. Biggs seems to have lost weight (and gained a six pack) and has WEAK hair.
Movie rates 6 of 10, Bigg's hair rates 1 of 20. Director for standing us up for the after movie Q&A 0 of 10.

Film #2, The Runner.
apparently my Mother-in-Law and I aren't as faced paced as the characters in this Rat Race short that ran directly prior to Film #3 on our schedule, because we missed it.
Rating is n/a

Film #3, Monkey Warfare.
good. (It was about selling *actual* garbage online, personal histories and attachment to objects, counter-culture, BC weed, Toronto hipsters and old bicycles..... and malatov cocktails.)
Movie rates 8 of 10, bonus mini flick in credits another 8 of 10. Soundtrack is 10 of 10.

Film #4, Vier Minuten (Four Minutes)
Brilliant. Set in a women's prision in Germany, a piano teacher and her student. The woman who sat to my left had the most foul breath I've smelt in my life, and I had to eat peppermint lifesavers to have something more pleasant to smell during the length. Damn my fever is getting to me.... okay skip the synopsis, use the link in my previous TIFF post to read about the plot... just know it's effin' brilliant and you MUST, MUST watch this film. The director and two main actors were there for a Q&A, which was very kind as it was a late film.
Movie rates 11 of 10, woman next to me's breath rates foulest breath I've ever smelt, and Film Team rates 100% for acting, 100% for direction and 100% for being keen to answer questions late into the night.

Art Gallery of Ontario Special Exhibit, Andy Warhol:Supernova (Stars, Deaths and Disasters, 1962-1964)
I was surprised by how compact the exhibit was. This exhibit focused on the tradgedies most often overlooked as part of the Warhol collection. It was an interesting group of work, and well worth seeing to compensate for the more famous POP work. This contextualizes a lot of what Warhol was doing, and is worth investigating.
Note: I almost puked when I saw FOOT AND TIRE (1963-64), but that's for more personal phychoses...
Note: I adore the Jackie work, I now understand it more.... it's brilliant.


flick said...

Dude check my blog for stuff about Monkey Warfare. Thanks for the 8/10 on my mini-film appearance. Heh.

Michelle Tampoya said...

Wanted to catch MW but by the time I was done work, it was over :(...thanks for the review. I will have to look for it (if they get a NA distributor).

suz said...

Fun! You got a comment by a (kind of?) famous person! And Michelle! AND lil big ass ole me :)