Friday, September 22, 2006

grown up moment

It occurred to me on Wednesday that Dave and I don't own a coffee maker. (It had occurred to me several times in the past actually, but it never really mattered until I decided to invite a kabillion people over for a zillion chocolate desserts).

Apparently it would be a huge faux pas to have a dessert party and not offer coffee (forget the fact that I have a ton of wine, teas and Gerolsteiner). We went out tonight and bought our first coffee maker.

I am so proud because we bought a brass mesh liner instead of those tree killing paper ones, and we bought "Columbian Supreme" beans and we got to use that nifty coffee grinding machine at the store. (which btw I've ALWAYS wanted to do, but not being a coffee drinker had no reason). So when we got home I made a celebratory pot of coffee, and drank two cups!!

I learnt two things tonight, I actually like coffee, it was probably the brand my mum buys that I don't like, and I shouldn't drink two cups full after 9:30 pm. Whatev'.... At least I got the ganache started for the truffles, and watched Malcolm in the Middle.

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