Saturday, September 30, 2006

Heathcliffe may have well been Fabio

Where hate means more than love...
But Love means more than life

Why oh why do I have the drugstore version of this book? Dave thought I'd begun to read trashy romance novels, taking my life as a "stay at home wife" one notch furthur.
In all fairness, This cover makes me giggle. I got it at Macondo Books, it's for my book club, we promised each other we'd read it and meet in July to discuss. Apparently we pushed it back to Christmas. I bet mine has the klassiest cover.

PS. I also have a shot of the book on my knee in the Triumph from our last ride before we dropped the car off at the buyer's house. It's so very English, and the light is gleaming in the shot. That'll be a treat for winter.

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