Thursday, September 07, 2006

I really need to get out more

there isn't much going on here lately.
We've listed the TR6 on eBay (go buy it now!)
I made biscotti, but didn't like the recipe, the texture is "off".
My fabulous mother-in-law bought us TFF tickets, we are seeing 3 films (and may add another), next Tuesday.
Dave is off to Chicago for the weekend on his first extended business trip.
People have gone back to school, Catherine started at U of T, Ryan is in his last year at Brock, Keith continues at Concordia.
Keith has begun to collect his stuff from his nasty ex-roommate.... I think he's going to lose money to her, but in th eend if it's really the last of her, it'll be worth it.
I am considering having a haircut, but weary of trying a new salon, and I don't know anyone in town for a good recommendation.

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