Saturday, January 06, 2007

about me for swappers

I've seen a few of these blog posts for swappers and have found them very useful, so I'm joining in.
(If you're confused it's because you don't belong to craftster).


Colours I like- red, orange, coral, yellow, yellow-greens, aqua, brown, grey, pale pink.

Colours I dislike- beige, metallics, burgundy, pastels, baby blue, navy blue, royal blue, dark green, jewel tones, neons.

Prints? YES. I am a big fan of prints, as long as they aren't juvenile or folky. I like plaid, gigham, suiting patterns, polka dots, damask, harlequin, houndstooth, toile, florals (botanicals)..... really most anything you'd see in a fantastic vintage wallpaper.

Motifs I like- poodles, pineapples, feathers, silhouettes, flowers, cupcakes, fruits & vegetables, most anything vintage or retro.

Motifs I dislike- angels, fairys, cats, stars, cartoon characters (ie. disney), religious iconography

Collections: hats, fine china tea cups and saucers, tea towels, buttons, vintage embroidery (on linens), metal cookie cutters, lemon juicers, vintage christmas ornaments, magnets, unique illustrated children's books (mostly for inspiration), silver charms (the dangly kind),

Allergies!!!! be aware I have a severe allergy to shellfish and crustaceans, so please don't eat cocktail shrimp while you craft. I cannot wear acrylic next to my skin. I also have sensitivities to perfumes and scents (most noted with lotions, incense, candles and laundry detergents).

More about me: I am vegetarian. I love to cook and especially bake, and more especially bake cupcakes. I sew. I went to school for textile design after art school. I have a tiny toy poodle (Chloe, she is chiuaua sized, and does not wear dresses). I screen print. I sew. I hot glue. I make books. I embroider. I cross stitch. I print. I drink beer. I make wine.

Favourite Artists: Kara Walker, Joseph Cornell, Henri Matisse, Marcel Duchamp, Shomei Tomatsu, Claes Oldenburg, Frida Kahlo, Robert Indiana

Tastes: I have a sweet tooth. I love candy and chocolate. I like black and green teas.

Stuff I'd love to receive:
Tote bags, coin purses, small bags, kitcheny stuff-tea towels, aprons, pot holders, tea cozies, throw pillows, or throw pillow covers, wool or cotton mittens, scarves, wristwarmers, cupwarmers, magnets, veggie friendly recipes, tiny dog accessories (jackets & vests, collars, tags, soft toys), coasters, bookmarks, earrings, necklaces, sewing supplies (buttons, ribbons, fabrics-cotton & wool, other findings), screen-printing inks, illsutrations and prints, pins, pictures, french magazines or books, small tins, anything with a sense of humour or subversion.
Also things that go over well in my home (read-excite my husband), anything German, anything to do with European cars, anything San Francisco. He likes manufacturing and history of manufacturing. Hunter S. Thompson. Bay area Rap. Old NYC punk.

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