Thursday, November 23, 2006

blah, another job missed

So I found out today that I wasn't chosen for further interviews at the tattoo shop (counter person). Which blows. I thought I would be pretty good at it, I guess they had someone else in mind. I feel quite useless from time to time, and today was very much one of those days.

I'm not really sure what I am doing wrong. Or why I can't find work in a moderatley creative environment.

Anyhow, I decided today was a good day to cave for my gingerbread craving and made myself some cookies. They really did help. (Though not with the "I can't fit into any jeans but the two pairs I ripped last week because I weigh way too much....")


How did I rip my jeans? Well, falling down the drive-way of course. With Chloe in my arms. It really wasn't fun, and I was basically immobile for two days. I'm surprised she wasn't at all hurt, we rolled quite a ways.
(The other pair were just on their last threads and split in two places from wear)

So yoga pants it is for now. And Saturday I'll give the rest of the cookies to Ryan when we visit him in St. Kitts.

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