Thursday, November 02, 2006

halloween past due

so we celebrated last saturday at our friend Rene's house. Not as high a turnout as past years, but fun enough. We were late (got the 11:30 instead of 9:00 which we'd planned) so I drank quickly to catch up. We ended up sleeping at Dave's mum's leaving Chloe at my parent's home. This royally depressed Muddy & Jeeg, as Chloe is somewhat of a thorn in there geriatric 80 and 70lbs respective selves.
Not only does Chloe get what appears to be fun special food, but she gets to sit on furniture, and as it happens was allowed to sleep in my parents bed. M&J officialy dislike me and my small dog now, so I am rectifying that by making the three matching coats!!

and on to photos! (which are AWFUL, my husband sucks a taking photos, especially while sauced. This explains the terrible photos from our Honeymoon, note to self, stop letting Dave control cameras.)

Mike a Warrior & Dave the Knight

Robin a Dia de los Muertes Cavaleros, and Sebastian a Witch Doctor

a Smurfette, Myself a "fair maiden" and Dave P. a frenchman (his baguette had been broken by now)

Rene aka Nacho Libre (by this point he'd lost the mask), Chapman as Bernie and Adam as John Wayne Bobbit.

I could include more gruesome Bobbit photos, but I'll spare you all the sausage shots.

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