Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday's child is fair of face

Saturday brought the pleasure of a visit by our friends Alison and Gavin, who wanted to meet Chloe. We had tea and banana bread of which Dave only ate 2/3 of his slice because the bottom was dry. I had tried a new recipe and it cooked much better than the last, I'll try 10 minutes less next time.
Yesterday we went to Len's Mill to pick up fabric for my dress (this weekend is Dave's work Holiday party) and went fot a walk in the woods. It was really busy, many dogs and patchouli stink children (which should be against the law, seriously kids smell bad enough as it is). Chloe loved it though, despite being called "the smallest dog I've ever seen" at least 8 times by passing strangers with Retrievers or the kind of dog Lassie was.

On this particular trail there is a dam, which has probably seen better times... It's got a clog and is collapsing. I walked most of it, Dave jumped the last bit, but we decided to go home and I didn't try a jump with pup in my arms.

Now I have to sort out how not to look so pale in the legs for Saturday.

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suz said...

I love her coat! You should, like, totally get some oilcloth and start making Barbour jackets!!!