Tuesday, November 07, 2006

dress done.

This dress was inspired from several things, dresses my sister and dear friend have, the 7-way wonder dress pattern my family has owned for ages and this thread on craftster (and subsequent tutorial in this blog) and a dress by Monif C.. I still hope to trim up the ties, they look a little bulky to me, but we are getting there.
so, I've just about finished my dress for the Holiday Party this weekend, but I have to figure out what I'll wear underneath it. It has an open back and NO SUPPORT.
Since I'm no Nicole Ritchie (gawd or Kelly Clarkson for that matter), I really am going to need to have proper fitting under-pieces to pull this off right.

Add you advices here.

I'm thinking low-slung side-bun for my hair, but I am going to grab my hot-rollers and see what happens. I've got gold shoes to wear. Haven't sorted out a purse yet. I believe we are cutting out early to drink elsewhere as our bestest work-with-dave friend is unhappy at work and wants us to party with him and his sweetie downtown after dinner and the raffle prizes are drawn....away from the workplace crowd.
(here's hoping we clean up with the prizes again this year!)

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