Friday, November 03, 2006

she's crafty

I caught the craft bug huge in October, and it hasn't stopped yet. I am actually really happy with myself, crafting leaves me feeling much more fulfilled than sitting on my computer all day!
After years and years I finally signed up for a Swap on (see link to the right). The theme is "Birds are Beautiful" I need to make 1 medium sized craft, and then 2-3 smaller crafts. The three smaller ones are pictured below!

A Japanese Stab Binding book, with instrustions on how to make an origami peace dove. A bird/button pin (for a tote or outer jacket?) and a small felted pouch.

Inside part of the book, each step has it's own page spread and an example folded thus far. Also the reverse of the pouch. The heathered green colour behind the embroidery was felted in.

Also, I have been on a felting kick! I made Chloe a ball even before I made the pouch for my swap, and I also made myself a new key fob since I've lost my Robert Indiana LO-VE one. And, I am not one to re-use an oldie that I've already retired.

My key fob and Chloe's ball (golf ball sized). Felt pompoms bounce really well and are super light. I am going to dye more fleece colours and make a slew, maybe for necklaces?

Lastly, I have been making Chloe come jackets. The sweater she came in was ill fitting, so internet research turned up a free pattern (strangely enough sized just right for our petite chienne). I have plans to make Muddy, Jeeg and Chloe matching coats, but am hesitating at using the orange fleece I've got... we'll see what evolves!

This one is a navy/white houndstooth with a red lining. The button hole at the back is for her harness when we walk her.

This is the other one I made. It's beige gingham and robin's egg blue lining. It hasn't got velcro yet.

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suz said...

Oh my god!!! I love it all! LOVVVE the doggie jacket! I think you should start up your own little sales blog, and if things sell, great, if they don't, you just have a bunch of Christmas presents!