Monday, April 02, 2007

How would you paint this?

Tomorrow at 5:00pm is our home inspection but we anticipate everything going well. So I am already redecorating in my mind, and am looking for direction in this room.

We are probably going to leave the neutral walls for the next while, and focus our decorating energies elsewhere, but the purple has got to go. I have several things that can go in place of the artwork there. One large painting by an old friend Joel, it's all shades of green with some yellow and a splotch of red. Or I have a three new illustrations I need to frame that I bought at the Bealart Year End Show last summer. They are "room interiors" in various colours. They have collaged bits of wallpaper samples, amazing line quality and painterly uses gouache/watercolour.

In terms of our furniture we have our new brown leather couch, a chair in red and blonde wood, and maybe our other couch (my grandma's couch) that was never given away. (It would need recovering though since it's pretty horrid). Edited to add the following photos; the couch is more in colour like the darker photo and you can see the spot where I sat for over a month all day everyday from a broken foot...

I think we will need to update the mantle also.

I'm not really into red walls, but do want something bold. What are your suggestions?


roisin said...

what about a great terra cotta colour - i'm thinking a rich terra siggilata, which is a really rich orange/red/brown, a lot deeper and warmer than the orange clay colour you might think of when I say 'terra cotta', or a nice deep ochre. I think those would look good with the couch, and be masculine as well as arty.

roisin, again! said...

I believe you can purchase large, traditional firplace mantles at places like Home Depot, which I think would look much nicer than that wierd shelf guy hanging out above your lovely fireplace...and can you send me a picture of your couch?

dolly said...

Excuse the messy cinnamon toast snack. I was halfway through my toast when i saw Ro's comments.

alison said...

I was definately writing to comment on the cinnamon toast, and how much I crave it right now! I like Ro's colour suggestions. Definately something warm, but not as bold as a bright red.