Monday, April 30, 2007

We get our keys today!!!!!!!!!

I can't wait!! I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. Dave will be picking up the keys from our lawyer sometime today and we'll head over for a 2 person/1 dog pizza party tonight!

This weekend I bought pruners from home hardware (25% off!) and we did some free shopping in Dave's mom's shed. We scored a shovel, a roto tiller, a hand rake, a large brand new outdoor push broom and more. My parents have already set aside a lawn mower and other garden tool duplicates for us.
Mind you nothing fit in the car on the way home, so we are going to have to pack up Dave's dad's van, or buy a pick-up truck for the month of May. I am entirely serious when I say we nearly did by a truck for moving purposes. Dave's coworker is selling his Toyota 4x4 or some other meticulously cared for 4 wheel drive Toyota pick-up at only 1000$. In fact, I think our friend Brett will be buying it and we are just going to use it for a while......

I have plans to change the exterior of the house. We are painting out all the trim in a grey, moving the walk way and planting some shrubs. In the future when the roof needs resurfacing it will go black. Right now the house lacks a focal point and the 3 shades of white compete for your eye. The previous owner also has the original shutters for us in the garage. We may hang them again (also painted).

The other way cool thing he had for us were the original plans. Apparently he had found them in the very top of a closet. It was really neat to see them. Some things have been changed, but it's pretty much in tact as planned. The patio doors from the dining room were a window and the bathroom sink toilet and linen closet were rearranged. I am hoping to frame at least the original house drawing (one of 4 pages of drawings!) for our foyer. Again we would leave this with the house for the next owners somewhere down the line.

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Jenn said...

Yay! Hope it all turns out well with the move etc. We'll be expert roofers after May long this year, so let us know if you want a hand when you do yours.