Wednesday, April 18, 2007

seriously. Seriously.

Today, crazy drunk neighbour came over. She insisted that I "hide" her husband/partner's birthday gift for her until tomorrow. (Um, okay). She left after inviting me over for cake... But I've had her baking, so unfortunately, no, I won't be able to make it. I'm sure Dave has some other commitment.

Anyhow, seconds after leaving she knocks again, and asks to borrow our toilet, there are repairs going on in her unit, yadda yadda, so I send her in the direction of our bathroom and she heads in. WITHOUT CLOSING THE DOOR. without even attempting to close the door. I hear the toilet seat lid lift and meet the toilet tank, and run, with my little dog in arms to the furthest corner of my home.

Um, I don't have that open door peeing thing with Dave, I don't want it with you. She finishes her business, and comes to find me to ask about the inflated cushion in our tub. I reply it's an AVON product, that it's a few years old. She tells me all about her man's new work schedule, and that she think he'll need one, and invites me again for cake, which is strawberry shortcake (near my favourite), but again I reply that I'll check with Dave.

I seriously doubt we are free for cigarette smoke tanged strawberries and overcooked, stale cake. But perhaps another time? Maybe sometime in late May... just stop by......

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